Pizzeria Vetri

A new Pizzeria Vetri opened on Chancelor Street and I essentially tripped over my feet getting there for lunch the other day. I have been to the one on Callowhill, but their new location is only a few blocks away from my office and much more convenient! The décor echoes Callowhill's with the red, white, laid back modern feel. The 90s music is an awesome touch and makes you want to sit and listen all day.

We started with the Rotolo, dubbed one of the "Best Bites" by a local critic. Rightfully so, it turned out to be the best nugget of anything that I've tasted in a long time. Creamy ricotta, salty mortadella, rolled into a buttery and pillowy dough, topped with pistachio pesto. You'll want a dozen of these to go!

The "Renato" pizza has been haunting me since the first woodsy bite of crisp rosemary hit my lips. Done simply with mozzarella, olive oil, and sea salt, I could eat this every day forever and never get sick of it. Going forward, I want rosemary on all of my pizzas!

The Sicilian pizza at Vetri isn't like any you've ever tasted. Think pizza dough meets croissant meets yeast doughnut, but not sweet. A slice of the daily special, the "Roma" had tomatoes, fresh oregano, and ricotta salata. The freshness of the oregano is bright and such a welcomed change from the traditional basil.

Pizzeria Vetri 1615 Chancelor Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215) 763-3760