Morgan’s Pier

Here was my first thought when I stepped into Morgan's Pier: HOW AM I JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS PLACE?!?! Situated along the Delaware River with a stunning view of the Ben Franklin Bridge, this venue offers more than just cocktails, a beer garden, and a place to watch Philly sports, it has surprisingly REALLY good food! A group of friends and I ordered cheeseburgers-- which were a perfect "roadside" burger on Martin's Potato Rolls, as well as the lobster roll, and an order of some of the best tater tots I've ever had. These weren't just regular tots though. These bad boys are served with Furikake, Kewpie, and Bonito. TRY THEM! Great day on the water with great friends. What more can you ask for?

PS- careful with the pickle backs!

Morgan's Pier 221 N Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19123 (215) 279-7134