Flank Steak Dinner

Flank steak isn't something I've ever made before, but I was on a beer budget with champagne taste so I opted for this instead of London Broil or an actual steak. I was shocked that it totally delivered on flavor!! I sprinkled the top with Montreal Steak Seasoning (my fav) and seared quickly on the grill for just a couple minutes on each side. Served with whipped Yukon gold mashed potatoes (skin on), grilled zucchini and squash, and spooned a little leftover heirloom tomato salsa over top. It was a really refreshing dinner that took less than 20 minutes to make.

Why Philly Food Girl?  Philly Food Girl was founded in 2014 in an effort to simply centralize all of my food photos. I’ve since had the privilege of becoming one of Philadelphia's top Influencers, and currently have the honor of being named a Food Network Magazine Tastemaker. My passion for all-things-food began as a child, and transitioned into hosting and cooking for loved ones. As Philly Food Girl, I freelance as Creator for local, national, and international brands, and partner with wide range of organizations for events and sponsorships. All of these accolades pale in comparison to my favorite job title: Mom.

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