Gravy in the Slow Cooker- WHAT?!

Gravy in the Slow Cooker- WHAT?!

Gravy? In a slow cooker?! What is the blaspheme you speak of?! Well let me tell you. This, my dear ones, was a game changer for me! I live a busy life, as a lot of people do. You know the drill: work, mommy-hood, sports, school, social life, love. It's a lot. Fulfilling, but a lot. I need all the help I can get when it comes to making dinner during the week!

I decided to throw up a Hail Mary and see what it would be like to make a "pot" of gravy (sauce-- whatever you want to call it) in my slow cooker. Can I just tell you... when I poured that rich, brick-red gravy over my pasta, and took my first bite, magic happened. Angels sang, old women clutched their pearls, and babies stopped crying. It took 10 minutes to prep, 8 hours to cook, and about 10 minutes for me to polish off a bowl (and that was only because we had company and I was trying to be polite).

EVOO in a pan, add 1 lb. of ground sirloin plus salt, pepper, and a few red pepper flakes. Let start to brown. I added 1 lb. of sweet Italian sausage, cut into links. Once that was all cooked at least on the outside, I added a medium sized can of tomato paste. This is what I think gave it the rich, deep flavor. I fried the paste in the rendered meat fat, and then dumped everything into my crock pot. I added 1 large can of tomato sauce, 1/2 can of water, a bunch of fresh basil, another dash of salt, and a palm-full of sugar to cut the canned taste of the tomatoes. Stirred, covered, and came home 8 hours later to a gravy so rich that I'm not sure I'll ever want to stand over a hot stove again.

Why Philly Food Girl?  Philly Food Girl was founded in 2014 in an effort to simply centralize all of my food photos. I’ve since had the privilege of becoming one of Philadelphia's top Influencers, and currently have the honor of being named a Food Network Magazine Tastemaker. My passion for all-things-food began as a child, and transitioned into hosting and cooking for loved ones. As Philly Food Girl, I freelance as Creator for local, national, and international brands, and partner with wide range of organizations for events and sponsorships. All of these accolades pale in comparison to my favorite job title: Mom.

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