PFG and Enterprise CarShare

This post has been sponsored by Enterprise CarShare. All opinions are mine alone. #ad

I couldn’t be happier to have partnered with Enterprise CarShare to promote #CarSharePhilly. I was familiar with Enterprise, but I had no idea they have a car share program that allows you to use a vehicle for an hour, or for the day! They recently approached me to try the service out and it was the perfect opportunity for me to splurge and treat myself to a luxury vehicle rental for the weekend.

Enterprise CarShare is a membership-based program and once you are approved, you can view and rent vehicles in your area 24/7 through the CarShare app. I applied online and a few days later I received my member card in the mail, with my member number. You need your member card to unlock your rented vehicle. My schedule is extremely packed, so I loved being able to go pick-up the car at my leisure and not have to coordinate around a store with set business hours.

I downloaded the app to my iPhone (it’s available for Android too) and created an account in just a few minutes. Super easy. I selected my city and entered in my itinerary. The app generated a bunch of vehicles for me to browse and select from. I told you guys I wanted to indulge myself, so I decided on the Audi A4. Oh, yes I did!!!!!!! I confirmed my reservation, and I was all set.

When it was time to pick up “my” car, I walked a few blocks from work to 21st and Ludlow and there was my perfect little Audi ready and waiting for me! It was clearly marked with a sign for Enterprise CarShare. I did get there a little early and had to wait until my specified reservation time, which wasn’t a big deal (tip: you can change your reservation time if it’s available).

At 6:00 on the dot, I waived my member card over the Enterprise CarShare sensor on the dash, heard the doors unlock, and hopped in. The keys were in the glove box, as specified. There’s also a gas card in the glove box because gas is included! This was a major perk.

For the next 48 hours, I used the car to pick my son up from school (he was so excited, haha), run errands, have dinner in the city, and (while this isn’t exactly a “positive” use) I also drove it to a funeral. Having a black luxury car saved me the cost of possibly needing to rent a town car or another vehicle, which would have cost me triple the amount.

When my weekend was done, I parked the car in the same space I picked it up from, waived my member card in front of the sensor, heard the doors lock, and my reservation was over. It seriously could not have been easier!

Having the flexibility to use Enterprise CarShare when and where I want is so essential for me. I recently switched from an SUV to a sedan, and I definitely plan on using CarShare for trips down the shore this summer! BTW—this is a great way for folks in the city to have a car without actually needing to “have” a car.

Want to try it for yourself? Use this link to join for $0 and get $20 in driving credits: Check the Enterprise CarShare website for availability in your area.