Tribe Hummus

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Tribe Hummus.

Guys!! I have been cutting out sugar for over three weeks now and I finally found an AMAZING dessert that is not only delicious but LOW in sugar. Now this may surprise you but believe it or not, it’s Tribe Hummus!!! Tribe Dessert Hummus comes in several flavors, but hands down the Dark Chocolate is my favorite. It doesn’t taste cloingly sweet like icing, but it doesn’t taste like ground up chickpeas either (haha). It’s really just the perfect bit of sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Other flavors include: Vanilla Bean, Pea NO-NUT Butter, Cake Batter, and Sea Salt Caramel.

All Tribe Hummus Dessert Hummus flavors have only 5g of sugar per serving and NO artificial preservatives. They are also free from all major allergens including dairy! They're gluten free, kosher, vegan, and Non-GMO Project verified.

We have been eating lighter and had guests over. These made a perfect dessert platter! I arranged various flavors of Tribe Dessert Hummus on a platter with apples, strawberries, almonds, and pretzels. My Godson is two years old and as you can see, he was a fan of the Dark Chocolate flavor, too! Sidebar- the apples with the sea salt caramel was so so sooo good!

My son, Nate, has literally eaten the cake batter one with pretzels for a week straight after school. There are so many bad things he could be snacking on, that it makes me feel so good he has an option that he loves, and is healthy.

These Tribe Dessert Hummus’ have been a great addition to our refrigerator, as they offer a bit of sweet for any time of day. These are a great option for Valentine’s Day and Holiday platters, as well as parties. How happy would your host be if you showed up with a hummus platter that was sweet! You could even put some of the Dark Chocolate on cupcakes, or banana bread. Scoop chocolate wafers into the Vanilla Bean, or even dip dark chocolate pieces into the Pea NO-NUT Butter.

Tribe Dessert Hummus can be found at your local grocer. To find the closest location near you, click HERE.