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Nomad Pizza Co.

After a long day out with friends, four of us stumbled into Nomad Pizza on 7th Street near Broad, and boy did we ever luck out! I'd heard great things about Nomad, but just hadn't got around to getting there (story of my eating-life). Two of my friends had just returned from vacationing in Italy the week before, and at the end of the meal they proclaimed that Nomad's pizza was the closest thing they've had to pizza in Italy. From the first bite, my taste buds sang at both the taste and texture of this rustic pizza. They also offer a bottle of Montepulciano (my personal favorite red) for $30. I can't recommend Nomad enough-- it's a MUST VISIT for Philly. The Spicy Sausage: Italian tomat


I finally made it to Barbuzzo! This place has been on my list, and the stars aligned that I had time to visit. Woo hoo! The thing that finally threw me over the edge was when one of my coworkers came back from lunch, stopped at my desk, and told me, "I just had a religious experience. I went to Barbuzzo." Deal was sealed and I went two days later. Dimly lit, tight yet comfortable space, friendly staff, great food= perfect date night. We started with the ricotta and charred bread which was closer to smooth melted cream than any grainy ricotta I've ever tasted. I needed a moment to close my eyes, to take in every note of this beautiful dish. Next was the steak tartare. Admittedly, this

Balsamic Pork Chops with Butternut Squash and Harvest Salad

I have to admit, I've never been to ALDI Markets. But, after my first shopping trip, I realized it certainly wouldn't be the last! The closest ALDI location was only 2 miles from my house, which is nice and close for me since I seem to be running everywhere with being a mom, after-school activities and sports, blogging, and having a full-time job. I popped a quarter into the shopping cart (you get it back at the end), and was on my way with my bags in-hand. I did a little research before I went, and ALDI is able to pass savings on to the customer by altering a few things like these. This is fine by me because I have more plastic bags than I know what to do with, so I was happy to bring a few

Sabrina’s Cafe Brunch

Sabrina's Cafe in the Italian Market (other locations are here), has been on my top-10 list of best places to eat brunch, for years. They are consistently great, large portions, decent price point, and relaxed atmosphere. At my most recent visit, I opted for an angus burger special with pepper hash, greens, tomato, bacon, and aged provolone. My love went with the steak & eggs, and sourdough. Sabrina's Cafe 910 Christian St. Philadelphia, PA19147 (215) 574-1599

Sakura Mandarin Dim Sum and Sushi

I have been OBSESSED with soup dumplings lately! To get my fix, we headed to Sakura Mandarin Dim Sum in China Town. We started with hot and sour soup, then pork soup dumplings, and ended the meal with Singapore street noodles with shrimp, pork, and chicken. Would you believe this entire meal cost less than $20?!?! Delicious AND amazing!!! Sakura Mandarin Dim Sum and Sushi 1038 Race Street Philadelphia, PA 215-873-8338

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen

There is a Famous 4th Street Cookie Co. in Reading Terminal Market that I've been going to for years. When my boyfriend's birthday came around, he really wanted cheesecake from their Delicatessen on, you guessed it, 4th Street. These were the biggest slices I've ever seen, and while expensive ($9+ per), they fulfill every single sweet tooth you may have in your head.

Crockpot Beef Stew and Pot Roast

Sometimes the simplest dishes get the most response. This was the case when I posted a photo of my beef stew recipe on Instagram a few days ago. Beef stew was one of those dishes my mom made growing up, and has always been very comforting to me. Traditionally she made it on the stove, mainly because she was never really a "Crockpot cook". I've done it both stovetop and Crockpot, and they both do the dish complete justice. My butcher has pre-cut "stew meat" cubed and ready to go in 1 lb. packages so this is what I always use. Also, you should really sear the meat in a pan first but I was running late this morning and didn't get a chance to. It was still fantastic! 2 lbs. cubed beef 3/4

Why Philly Food Girl?  Philly Food Girl was founded in 2014 in an effort to simply centralize all of my food photos. I’ve since had the privilege of becoming one of Philadelphia's top Influencers, and currently have the honor of being named a Food Network Magazine Tastemaker. My passion for all-things-food began as a child, and transitioned into hosting and cooking for loved ones. As Philly Food Girl, I freelance as Creator for local, national, and international brands, and partner with wide range of organizations for events and sponsorships. All of these accolades pale in comparison to my favorite job title: Mom.

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